Thomas Paquette essay

“Brigham Dimick’s new paintings take us on imaginative forays across intersected worlds. A persistent example comes through in images where a centered, well constructed tranquility is extrapolated into – rather exploded into – the wider natural world, where icebergs and continental shelves are now as close as the bathroom sink. We experience in this case a startling intersection of home life with whale migration routes. These are delicately realized paintings of somber and exciting reflection. The architecture of a home becomes the undergirding structure for the planet.

What will the world hold for us? Where are we going? Where do we belong? These are mindful questions that seem to float directly from his subjects’ tranquil, half-slumbering or submerged bodies. We are presented a shared world that is at once intimate and dauntingly wide”

-by Thomas Paquette, Crary Art Gallery