Drawn to Drawing

“Drawing rules in the second of this season’s challenge exhibitions at the Fleisher Art Memorial, and rules with authority. Brigham Dimick’s large drawings in charcoal and conte crayon are the boldest and most energetic of the three bodies of work in the show.

Like many artists today who specialize in drawings, Dimick invents his subjects. It’s hard to say whether his images are totally improvised or whether they evolve from forms encountered in nature. The drawings resemble concoctions of machine parts such as inflated tubes, hoses, ductwork, pumps and belting, with a hint of organic voluptuousness. The constant in all nine works is a formidable feeling of movement and vitality. There isn’t any point in trying to rationalize these examples of pure picture-making. Better to savor their marvelous combination of precise detail and ambiguous suggestion.”

-by Edward Sozanski (from The Philadelphia Inquirer)